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Platform Messaging


You are able to send and receive messages on the platform. These messages can be sent to organizations and/or specific people who are a part of those organizations. 

Sending a Message

To begin the process, please select the '+' button seen from your homepage under the Messages section. 



A popup will appear where you choose the recipient and create the content. Use the arrow to view a dropdown of recipients or search recipients with the search bar. 



You also have the ability to attach files to the message; this can be seen through the 'Add Attachment' button. Once a file is attached, you can remove it with the 'X' next to the file's name. 



Once the message has been sent, you will receive this confirmation message.



Receiving a Message


You will receive a message from your homepage, under the Messages section to the right of your screen. The red number indicates the quantity of new messages. There is a reply field so you can reply to the message from the same page. 



Another way to view your message is by hovering over the messaging icon seen at the top of the screen. This will also have a number to indicate the number of new messages.



This will take you to a new screen where you are able to open a file sent you and respond to the message. 



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