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Messaging Groups


Messaging groups are a way to break down your connections into an easy and manageable way. Using the messaging groups function allows you to create an internal team, or an external team. The new group will appear as a messaging option, so one message can arrive at the inboxes of the necessary people. This group also allows for easier sharing of documents; instead of sharing with a user, you can share a document with a group to save you time.

Creating Groups

From your homepage, please select your organization's name. 



This will take you to your Organization's Profile, and from there you will see the option to access messaging groups. Please click the 'Manage' button. 



Click 'Add New Group'.



The new screen will contain a variety of fields that will need text. To begin, please input the name of the group. Next, you will need to add the group members; if the invitee is not a connection, invite them via email. If the user is connected to you, you can search for user in the dropdown. 



Please click 'Add' when you are done. 



Managing Groups

Managing groups can be done through the Messaging Groups section of the Organization Profile. The ellipses to the right of a group will allow you to edit or delete a group. 



In the edit view, you will be able to decide if all group documents are shared with new members. This toggle is present at the bottom of the page.



Click 'Update' to finalize your edit. 


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