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What is Greenfence's role?

Greenfence is a platform ecosystem that combines the power of social media, mobile-commerce and on-demand services to disintermediate today’s value chain, and to enable buyers, suppliers and certifiers to ‘deal direct’ across the $4.4T consumer goods industry. Greenfence is an industrial platform, and like well-known consumer platforms, greenfence connects industrial buyers and sellers of products and services globally. 

As a platform, similar to other well-known website or app marketplaces you likely use as a individual consumer, we operate a marketplace that connects you as a buyer seeking a product or service, with sellers who are selling those products and services.

If you buy something through our platform - a product like a training course, or a service like an audit - the payment for your purchase is sent to Greenfence. In turn, we settle the funds with the provider or seller of the products or services (e.g., a Certification Body or an auditor) once the product is delivered, or the service is complete.

Greenfence has no role in the specific contract, terms or pricing that is agreed between the seller and yourself related to, say, the training course or the audit certification service you have bought or are purchasing. As such, topics related to the delivery of that training course or audit (such as liability, insurance, or pricing among others) should be raised directly with the seller.


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