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Managing Operations in Your Organizational Hierarchy

Organizations are commonly structured in a hierarchical fashion where the organization has one or multiple operations and supporting functions.  You may create a replica of your organization’s structure within the greenfence environment.  In this Help Center guide we will describe the following functionality:

    1. Add a new Operation to your organization
    2. Modify your hierarchy to align to your organization’s structure
    3. Edit your Operation
    4. Delete your Operation from your hierarchy structure and/or organization

Add a New Operation to Your Organization


You have two options for adding a new operation to your organization within the Organizational Hierarchy screen.  The first method is to click on the ‘+’ directly to the right of the ‘Operations’ view.  You will then be sent through a series of steps to setup your new operation.  



The second method is to click on the ‘ellipsis’ icon to the right of the entity and select ‘Add New Operation.’ Similarly, you will be sent through a series of steps to setup your new operation.  Click the How do I add an operation Help Center guide link for additional information on adding an operation to your organization.



Modify Your Hierarchy to Align to Your Organization


The greenfence platform allows you to manage your organizational hierarchy by adding levels and assign internal operations against those levels.   To manage those levels click the ‘Manage Levels’ link on your Organizational Hierarchy screen.  



Here you will have the option of renaming your existing organization’s levels or adding another level.  The greenfence platform offers two levels as a default; however, you may add as many levels as necessary and name them as appropriate.  Click the ‘Save’ button once you either have renamed your current levels or added another level to your structure.


You will now notice that your organizational hierarchy levels have been updated with your new names.  Note: you will not see an added level until an operation has been added to that level.




You have the opportunity to associate your internal operations within your organizational hierarchy by identifying which operation you would like to move under each organizational unit.  In this example I currently have two operations (001 and 002) within my Level 2 hierarchy reporting directly to my organization.  Each operation currently does not have any associated internal or external operations.  This can be determined by the lack of a ‘+’ directly to the left of its name.  



You have several options to consider when associating Operation 003.  You may either associate the operation with the organization as a peer to the Operations 001 and 002 (an example may be a peer operation or division within the corporation), or associate the operation with either one or both of the Operations 001 and 002 and/or the Organization (similar to a finance function that supports not only the organization but each of the operations).  I will describe each of these options.


To associate Operation 003 to only the Organization (a peer of Operation 001 and 002), you will first need to open that level.  This will allow you to drag and drop the selected operation and associate it with the correct entity.  Click on the ’Open Level’ icon found on the right-hand side of the screen, below the ‘Manage Levels’ button, for the corresponding entity.  A ‘Drag and Drop’ box will appear beneath the selected entity.




Select Operation 003 from the right side listing of operations by checking the box aligned with the desired operation, then drag and drop the operation into the open box



Once you release the operation into the box, a ‘Move to Level’ button appears.



Click the ‘Move To Level’ button to complete the association.  You now have this operation associated with the Organization at the same level as the other operations.


To associate Operation 003 with either one or both of the Operations 001 and 002 you will be following the same steps as above.  You will have to open each level one-at-a-time to make the association.  The image below shows Operation 003 associated against each of the original Operations 001 and 002.  Note: you are now able to see the third level that we created when we described ‘Managing Levels.’  Additionally, you are unable to associate an existing operation to itself on the platform.



You may also move multiple operations at one time into a defined level.  This process mirrors the individual movement of operations but is more efficient for block moves.  I will describe the required steps using our previous example.  In this example all previous operations have been removed and only the organization appears in the Organization Hierarchy.  You may either click the ‘Select All’ box, or individually select those operations that you would like to move in bulk.  



You will then click on the ’Open Level’ icon found on the right-hand side of the screen, below the ‘Manage Levels’ button, and drag and drop the block of operations into the desired level.


You will then click on the ‘Move To Level’ box to confirm your assignment.



You may also modify your organization hierarchy by clicking on the icon associated with the operation that you wish to move and dragging it into the the operation where you would like it to reside.  For reference you will see a black ‘►’ next to the operation where your move will occur.



The operation will be set in its new structure once you release your mouse button.




Edit Your Operation


You may edit your existing Operation from within the Organizational Hierarchy levels.  You may wish to edit your Operation at this time to add more detail to your products and/or services, update operations types, or even to update identification numbers.  You have two options to perform this activity, from the Organizational Hierarchy or from the listing of operations.  We will discuss both options.


To edit your operation from the Organizational Hierarchy click on the ‘🖉’ icon to the right of the entity you wish to modify and select ‘Edit Operation.’



To edit your operation from the listing of operations click on the ‘🖉’ icon to the right of the entity you wish to modify.


For either option a new window will appear guiding you through the steps to edit your operation. For more information on how to edit your operation, please refer to the Step 3: Structure your Organization Help Center guide.




Delete Your Operation from Your Hierarchy Structure and/or Organization


The final functionality found on the Organization Hierarchy page within the Operations view is to delete an operation from your structure or completely from your organization.  We will describe the steps to complete each activity.


To delete an operation from your hierarchy and still have it remain within your organization for reassignment in the future, click on the ‘ellipsis’ icon to the right of the desired entity and select ‘Remove from Level.’   



The operation is removed from the Organization Hierarchy but is still available for reassignment in the future.  



To remove an operation from your Organization, click on the ‘🖉’ icon to the right of the entity you wish to delete and select ‘Delete Operation.’


The operation is now permanently removed from the organization.  Note: Operations may only be deleted from the organization after all associations have been removed.


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