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Managing Your Organization and Hierarchy

Managing your organization is fundamental to the greenfence platform.  You have the ability to structure your organization and to modify its structure as your organization evolves.  This functionality allows for the movement of internal operations and tiering of your supply chain aligning it with your current and future business requirements.  To begin from the Home screen, hover over the ‘My Network’’ button on your toolbar then select ‘Manage Organization Hierarchy.




The first screen that will appear is a help screen providing an important ‘Tip’ covering the layout of the page and how you may manipulate the structures.  Please click on the ‘OK’ button to clear this tip and progress to the Organizational Hierarchy screen.  The tip will display each time that you select the ‘Manage Organizational Hierarchy functionality.



The default view on the Organizational Hierarchy screen displays your Organization’s name and any Operations that you may already have created during your organization’s initial platform onboarding.  




You have the ability to view your expanded organization structure in a ‘tree view’ by clicking the ‘+’ directly to the left of your organization’s name.  On the left side of the screen you will see under your organization’s name your internal operations and any external organizations and operations with whom you have already connected.  On the right side of the screen you will also see your existing operations listed.  Your operations will be listed when you are in the ‘Operations’ view.



You also have the ability to edit your existing operations by clicking on the ‘Edit’ symbol to the far right of the operation.  By clicking this icon you will be directed to the three-step ‘edit operation process.’  Additional information on editing your operation may be found in the How do I update my operation Help Center guide.




You will have the opportunity to structure your internal operations or your Tier 1 Suppliers within this screen.  The subsequent user guides in this series will first describe how to add a new operation, structure your internal operations, and then describe how to structure your Tier 1 Suppliers and issue requirements.


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