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Privacy and information sharing

Privacy and Information Sharing


Information sharing will define how much your organization can get out of greenfence. Greenfence helps you discover new customers and suppliers, as well as new products and services. We recognize how important the privacy of your information is and have therefore created this document to help you understand the various types and categories of information on greenfence and how these are shared.  Your information in greenfence is not extracted other than fog the purposes of providing you support and helping us improve greenfence.  For further details in addition to the below, please see our Privacy Policy.  


Your Personal Profile:

You create a public facing profile with your name, picture, contact information and description of your background. You have the ability to maintain personal documents (such as a degree or certificate) on greenfence and the choice whether to keep these documents private, share with specific individuals or share publicly. You can also have documents such as certificates or qualifications authenticated (i.e. validated and confirmed) by the issuer or a third party as a way of promoting your specific skills and capabilities.


Organization Profile:

Each organization creates a public facing profile with their name, picture, contact information, description of their organization, operations (different business locations) and products or services they provide. The intent is to create a dynamic profile that is searchable and attracts others to the business. You are searchable both by company name or the products you provide.  New customers will be able to find you and conduct business through greenfence.


Additional Features

The supply chain management functions on greenfence provides valuable tools that allow your organization to build, view and manage your entire supply chain from tier one to source.  The added transparency allows for risk mitigation and brand protection.  The net result of the tools are increased capacity, reduced effort and scalability across your supply chain. The communications you share between your business, your suppliers and your customers are confidential and secure between you.



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