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Communicating with others on the platform

Being able to communicate is vitally important to any organization. It is imperative to be able to share and receive information with suppliers, customers, employees/staff, regulatory bodies and the community. Greenfence tries to simplify communication by enabling users to connect through an email feature.

  • Groups can be created to simplify communication
  • Notifications can be set and prescribed or received
  • Invitations can be sent and monitored
  • Action items assigned to you are listed


On greenfence a notification is an actionable item that can be assigned or completed. Examples are any change in status to a customer/supplier requirement, document, ar anything that is “Followed” in greenfence. All notifications are logged in greenfence and can be pushed to email, voice and text.

  • Set up your notification preferences
  • From your personal profile home page
  • Click on the “Notifications” widget
  • Set your preferences
  • To access notifications:
    • Click the “Eye” icon at the top of the page
    • Here all notification can be viewed


The Follow feature enables the user to be notified of any changes that occur. Example would be following a supplier. Any time the supplier changes anything on their public profile, a notification is sent out. Anything publically shared in the system can be followed, ie. people, companies, materials, documents, etc...

  • From the “Search” bar type in a company, person, material, etc…
  • Click the follow tab
  • Define what you want to follow

Group and Individual Communication

  • Access the message center from the comment icon at the top of the page.
  • The words message center will display when the cursor hovers over the comment icon.
  • Message center will open by clicking view all and provide access to all features.


Invitations that have been sent or received are stored here along with their status. There are also links to invite a new user, bulk invite users, or synchronize your Gmail or Yahoo contacts.

  • From your Home page click on the person with the plus icon
  • Click view all to access features


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