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How do I upload documents?

This section outlines the steps required to upload a document to your account.

There are two ways you can add a document:

1 - Use 'Create New Document' where you first enter brief data about the document, browse and upload it and then make the choices noted in the Upload Document option below

2 - Use 'Upload Document' where you drag and drop the document and then enter in brief data and make choices about who the document can be seen by, which folder to place it in, whether to get it authenticated etc.

Both methods are similar, and it's your choice as to which to use. As the choices are similar, below we'll outline the steps for Create New Document

To begin adding a new document, click on Create New Document as indicated below. You will be taken to a new screen where you are required to fill out a variety of fields.


The platform divides documents into two types: personal and organizational. If you are uploading a document that corresponds with you and as individual, such as your qualifications, choose Personal Document. If you are uploading a document that is related to your organization, such as a certificate, product specification or test report, select Organization Document. This choice is seen at the top of your page through two grey tabs.

Note: You can click Save as Draft at anytime during the document creation process, this function is located at the bottom right of your screen.



When creating a document, be sure to select the folder that you want to drop the document into, as otherwise it will return an error.

When uploading the document, make sure the name of the file does not contain any of the special characters noted i.e. \ . , ? ' " < > | ~ ! $ % = ^ ( ) [ ] { }

The next important choice to make is the Select authentication preferences toggle.

While for many non-certificates, this should be set to No, for certificates you can choose to set to Yes, and you will have the option to get your document authenticated by a first, second, or third party. Third-party authentication provides independent confirmation that your certificate is valid, genuine and in good standing. Third party authentication requests are sent to the greenfence platform authenticator. Once the authentication process is complete, the document will be represented with a checkmark to show others that this document has been verified. 



You have the ability to add comments or any additional information, and then you can upload your document with the Create button. 

Once uploaded, you can find your document using the 'Manage my documents' view and share / manage it using the ... options as shown



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