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How does Greenfence work?

By having a free system to share information in real-time with your suppliers and customers, Greenfence simplifies the notification and verification of certifications, documentation and information required by various constituents to do business in today’s food safety environment. Because your documents can be posted once and shared with a wide variant of your constituents, means that you have saved time in duplication from answering multiple requests for the same information, and you will ensure that everyone within your food supply chain is continually updated in real time; thus, taking the burden off of your enterprise to manage the multitude of communications between your suppliers and customers.


How does Greenfence profit?

Greenfence is a Platform economy or a Sharing economy. These terms have a range of meanings, but in our case it means the possibility of members on Greenfence to buy and sell their goods and services on-line, and when this is done there are transaction fees that are remitted to Greenfence as part of the transaction.


Is Greenfence free to join?

Like other platform economies, Greenfence is free to join and share information and collaborate with customers and suppliers on-line. All of this is free. This is very much like Amazon or eBay, it is free to join these sites and publish content, but when you choose to transact business online there are transaction fees.


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