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How do I manage my network?

This section provides guidance on how to view all your suppliers in each tier, the status of them meeting your requirements and visually presenting multiple tiers of your supply chain via the following methods:

Manage My Network

The goal of greenfence is to connect your organization to all of your customers and suppliers, so it is vitally important that you can manage your network. To manage your network, click 'Manage/View Network' from the 'My Network' tab. 




You will be taken to the following screen, where you can view either 'Tier-1 Suppliers' or 'Customers'. You can view the various organizations in each category, and manage them as you wish.




Each organization within the 'Tier-1 Suppliers' or 'Customers' will display a green, yellow, red, or black status.

Green - All organizations that have never been assigned a requirement or have successfully completed a requirement.

Yellow - All organizations with a currently assigned requirement that is not overdue for any of the due dates.  As long as they upload the appropriate document before the due date is passed at each stage, they will remain at this status.

Red - All organizations who were assigned a requirement, and have passed a due date without providing the appropriate supporting documents.  Example: RFP deadline has passed without uploading RFP

Black - All restricted organizations that the user does not have access to view specific detail.  May restrict 'Tier-1 Suppliers' view from customers. 


To help further manage your network, the following views may be of use:

  1. Map View 
  2. Tree View 
  3. List View 
  4. Tier View



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