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How to assign an 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement

By assigning the 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement to suppliers in your network, you ask them to upload a certificate and/or other relevant documents demonstrating compliance with the AuditOne standard appropriate for their site and products. 

To get started, select 'Assign and schedule to others' from REQUIREMENTS in the Menu bar.



The page below will appear and will take you through various fields:

  • Select the 'AuditOne Certificate'requirement from the dropdown list and ask the recipient to have their certificate verified (authenticated) by a third party.





Set due dates for each of the five stages of the audit scheduling and audit execution process. Initial guidelines are as follows – all are working days:

  • Existing certificate – 5 working days
  • RFP Upload – 5 working days
  • CB Selection and Signed Contract – 12 working days (after RFP upload date)
  • Audit Scheduling – 8 working days days (after upload of signed contract)
  • Audit Completion and Certificate Upload (set expected date)




 Select which of your operations is issuing the requirement and to which supplier(s) it is assigned.




Finally, there is an opportunity to enter a personal message, additional information and/or attach a file to the requirement.




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