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How do I manage the privacy of business information?

Control what business supply chain information is public or private

This feature enables the user to manage the visibility of their supply chain. To begin, you need to go to your organization's profile. This can be done by clicking on your organization name or clicking the Manage Profile tab. 



Select the 'Manage' button of Organization Privacy Settings.



 The default settings are illustrated below, and the toggles allow you to choose what is visible for the public. 



"Hide my business name" by selecting "Yes" the business name will not be visible to others.

"Hide my business compliance" by selecting "Yes" your Business Compliance will not be visible to others.

"Hide my supplier’s name" by selecting "Yes" your suppliers' name will not be visible to others. 

"Hide my supplier’s compliance" by selecting "Yes" your suppliers' compliance will not be visible to others. 

Click "SAVE" when done.


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