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Description of the 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement

This requirement asks you to upload a certificate and/or other relevant documents demonstrating compliance with the AuditOne standard appropriate for your site. You may download the attached standards chart to determine the appropriate standard.

If you HAVE a certificate or document of the appropriate AuditOne standard issued by an approved certification body in 2017, choose YES to the question on the platform and you can upload it and have it verified (authenticated).

If you DO NOT HAVE a certificate or document issued in 2017, choose NO to the question on the platform and you will be guided through a step-by-step process to schedule and plan the audit with one of the qualified certification bodies. You pay for the audit and additional services through the platform and when the audit has been completed, the certification body will upload the resulting audit report and certificate. If applicable, you can upload the CAPA plan and have it validated by the certification body prior to the issue of the certificate.

Below is the official list of the AuditOne Standards.



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