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Uploading and Verifying (Authenticating) a Certificate

Uploading and Verifying (Authenticating) a Certificate and Audit Report

You will receive an email notifying you that the 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement was assigned to you; click on 'VIEW' in the email and it will bring you to the requirement page on the platform. When you are on the platform, you will see a newly assigned requirement appear in your TO DO LIST on your homepage and in the list of INVITATIONS. Click on 'View All' to expand the list.



When you open the 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement, the first question is if you have a certificate or document issued in 2017 that evidences compliance with the AuditOne standard appropriate for your site.

If you have a certificate choose 'Yes' and a page will show where you can upload the certificate and have it verified (authenticated) by a third party. The page also allows you to upload the audit report at the same time. Click ‘Begin’ and ‘Upload Document’ to start, complete the information fields and upload the certificate and audit report as illustrated in the graphs below:





Please choose a meaningful name for your document, featuring for instance the appropriate standard, the name of your site and the year of the audit (see the example in the illustration above).

If you would like to feature this certificate and audit report on your public profile on the platform and have the ability to share it with other brand owners participating in the AuditOne program, select ‘Public’ to the question if you want your certificate to be seen by other users.

There is an option to save the document to your document folders on the platform.

At the bottom of the page select the CB/Auditor to verify (authenticate) your certificate. Please select the ‘Platform Master Authenticator’ and click ‘Send’ to submit your certificate for verification.

You will receive an email as well as a notification on the platform with a quote for the authentication. Clicking on the link in the email or notification will bring you to a page where you can select ‘platform master authenticator’ to display the quote. Select ‘Accept Offer & Pay’ to accept the offer which brings you to the payment screen.



The payment process is represented above, and when the payment is made the Certification Body/Auditor will authenticate your document.

Once the document has been verified (authenticated) it will have a green checkmark. This will be visible to anyone and can be of significant commercial value when you have your certificate displayed on your public profile page.




The advantage of the AuditOne program is that this audit will be accepted by multiple brand owners participating in the program. Once the certificate and the report are uploaded they are automatically available to the brand owner who assigned the requirement. You can share the certificate and report with other brand owners to demonstrate compliance to the appropriate AuditOne standard.

You can share the document with other Brand Owners by clicking 'Share Document' and following the instructions in the pop-up box.


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