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Stage 1 - Contracting for the audit - RFP and Contract

Receiving a Requirement

You will receive an email notifying you that an 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement was assigned; click on the request name in the email and it will bring you to the requirement page on the AuditOne platform.  



A newly assigned requirement appears in the TO DO LIST on your homepage and also in the list of INVITATIONS. Click the requirement's name to continue. 



Upon opening the 'AuditOne Certificate' requirement, the very first question is if you have a certificate or document issued in 2017 that evidences compliance with the AuditOne standard appropriate for your organization.

If you don't have a certificate choose 'NO' and you will be guided through a process to schedule and upload the audit/report/certificate.

Note: If you already have the necessary certificate you will want to select 'YES'. More information can be found here.



Issuing an RFP

Please scroll down your page, and you will see the steps on the 'No' workflow. The first step is to complete and issue the RFP to request proposals for an audit from certification bodies that are qualified to deliver the relevant audit. Click on ‘Select RFP’ and choose the AuditOne RFP.



Give your RFP a meaningful name (like '[name of your site] [the appropriate standard] RFP) as it will be saved in your “Documents” on the platform. CBs will be viewing the file so it is important to identify your organization AND standard in the name.

Selecting the appropriate standard for your site is important as the AuditOne platform will automatically select certification bodies qualified to deliver the relevant audit. Note, you will not be able to manually select the CBs, all qualified CBs will receive your RFP and you can expect quotes from all. If you are unsure which standard is appropriate, click 'View File' to consult the AuditOne Standard Chart.

AuditOne has developed a standardized RFP template, which contains a general worksheet all sites complete, as well as a worksheet for the appropriate standard. The template is attached to the requirement and can be downloaded by clicking 'View File.' Please save the file on your computer and complete it offline. You may save your responses to this requirement as a draft and return later to upload the completed RFP file. Once complete, please click 'Select File' to upload your completed RFP and 'Submit Request' to issue your RFP to qualified CBs.




Contracting with the desired CB

After submitting the RFP request, you will receive quotes from all qualified CBs. They will provide a proposal outlining price for the audit (labor cost) and detail all other information (including estimated travel costs, cost for CAPA days, credentials and experience of the CB etc.)

You will be notified of new quotes via email as well as on the platform. Clicking on the ‘View’ button in the email, or highlighted name of your RFP in the notification, brings you to the contracting stage in the requirement process. 



From here, you can compare the quotes of all CBs. Select each CB in turn and you can see their respective quotes and download and view the attached proposals if you wish.



First, you will want to choose the CB offer to view. Once you have selected this, the option to view and accept the offer will become visible at the bottom of the screen.


Select the desired CB by accepting their quote. Once you click 'Accept Offer', you will be taken back to the top of the screen. Scroll down to access the button that will allow you to upload the signed contract and move forward with the process.



Next, download the proposal attached to the quote and sign it. At this point, it becomes a contract.  Upload the signed contract and share it with the CB by clicking the 'Upload the Signed Contract' button.



Click 'Contract Type' and select the “1 - AuditOne Contract”.



Upload the signed contract and complete the fields to enter the name and contact details of the colleague who will be responsible for scheduling the audit.




After submitting the contract, you will return to the RFP page where you can make the payment. Once you pay the CB, the money will be held in escrow until it is released to the CB upon certificate upload.



By clicking ‘Pay Now’, a pop up screen appears where you can enter your credit card details to pay for the audit. The platform currently supports all major credit cards. Once you pay the CB, the money will be held in escrow until it is released to the CB upon certificate upload.

Between the time you uploaded the contract and when the CB will have uploaded the audit plan, you will receive weekly emails that allow you to ‘pay now’. This same choice to pay will be available in the requirement workflow anytime you return there until the audit plan has been uploaded.


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