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Stage 2 – Audit Related Documents

After contracting with a supplier for the audit, the CB is responsible for uploading the next set of documents that are all audit related.
The CB will upload the scheduled date and the appointed auditor(s) available for the audit. Subsequently the lead auditor will upload the audit plan. The supplier can share the audit details and audit plan with any participating brand owners they choose, which will allow the interested brand owners to contact the lead auditor before the audit is conducted with any questions or direction. The supplier can pay from the moment they have uploaded the contract until the time the CB uploads the audit plan, by when the payment is ultimately due.
When the audit has been concluded the CB will upload the report and payment will be made to the CB.
If applicable, the supplier will upload the CAPA plan agreed with the lead auditor in the closing meeting. This CAPA report will need to be validated by the CB. Finally, the CB uploads the certificate, which gets automatically authenticated. The supplier can share the report and certificate with other brand owners to demonstrate compliance to the appropriate AuditOne standard.
To upload documents, access the supplier’s requirement response via “Audit Requests” in the menu bar, select “Authentication/Audit requests” and choose the appropriate supplier and audit requirement.



Select “take action” in the right-hand column.

You can also select “Delegate” to delegate the upload one of your CB colleagues, for instance, the lead auditor in case of the audit plan and audit report. If delegated, the delegatee will receive a notification and can take action.


The supplier’s requirement response page shows the documents to be uploaded in the second stage of the process, from audit details to the final certificate.  When a document has been uploaded there is a ‘View’ button to open and view the document.

To upload a document, click on the button, select the “AuditOne” template from the pop up box and follow the instructions.

Note that when a CAPA plan is agreed with the supplier, it will be uploaded by the supplier rather than the CB or the lead auditor. The CB needs to validate the CAPA plan once it received the notification that the supplier has uploaded it.



The last document to fulfill the requirement is the certificate. Since your CB is the issuing body, the certificate gets automatically authenticated and will receive a green checkmark.




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