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How to upload credentials

You will begin by navigating to 'Documents' tab on the homepage, and selecting the option to 'Create New Document'.



Please ensure that the Organization Document tab is highlighted. To begin, select the organization or operation that is having its credentials uploaded.

Note: There is the ability to save your document as a draft using the 'Save as Draft' button on the bottom right.



After that, select your organization from the dropdown, and then choose the 'Certificate' button under Document type. This will populate the dropdown with various certificates that you will be able to choose from.




Then you are required to create a name for the document, please choose a name that corresponds with the credentials that you are uploading. The fields with a red asterisk by their title indicates that it is a required field. Field's such as 'Products' and 'Locations' aren't necessary, but they are recommended as you are  uploading an official document.



After a variety of optional informational fields, you will arrive at the most important step, uploading your file. Please click the 'Select File' button and upload the file. Multiple files can be attached in the case where necessary.



You have the ability to organize where this document is stored on the platform by using the folder function. This document isn't required to be placed in a folder, but it will help keep your documents organized.

This is another vital step, as your credentials must be authenticated. Next to 'Select authentication preferences', move the toggle to 'Yes', and choose 'Third Party'. A drop down will appear, and you will need to choose Greenfence Auditor. This greenfence representative will confirm your credentials. 



After that, you decide whether this document should feature on your profile. The process is finished by adding a description and any additional information, both of which are not mandatory. Check to make sure everything is filled out correctly, and then click the 'Create' button.



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