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Step 7: Explore

The final step prior to taking a virtual tour of the platform is to review your Organizational Privacy Settings.  This is where you may review and modify those settings allowing you to share or hide various aspects of your organization’s profile.  Click ‘Organizational Privacy Settings’ under Learn how to use greenfence platform to proceed.  

NOTE:  This is an optional step that may be skipped now and accessed at a later point.




Organization Privacy Settings enables the user to manage the visibility of their supply chain.  By default the information below is viewable to the public. Toggle each setting to the desired permission and click ‘SAVE’ to confirm your selections and to return to the SETUP screen.




Finally, click ‘EXPLORE’ under the Learn how to use greenfence platform to navigate to the Home screen.  The first time you navigate to the Home screen you will be provided a virtual tour showing the location and providing a description of several key icons located throughout the Home screen.

Congratulations!  You have now completed the organizational onboarding process and are ready to conduct business on the greenfence platform.


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