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Step 6: Connect customers

This is where you may add Customers to your organization. Click ‘CONNECT’ under Connect customers to proceed.  


NOTE:  This is an optional step that may be skipped now and accessed at a later point.




Customers may be selected or added in the following popup. Either enter the name(s) of organizations that exist on the platform or enter the email addresses of your customers. Separate the email addresses with a comma and a space. Press the ‘ENTER’ key to add the supplier or email address.  

You may also Connect other operations to your selected customer by clicking the ‘Connect other operations’ button.




For example, one of your customers may receive goods or services from all or some select business units within your organization. These business units are referred to on the platform as your operations, and this option allows you to fully illustrate how your supply network interacts with your organization. Select one or all of the operations and / or your organization that you would like to connect to your customer by checking the boxes aligned with your selection.  Click ‘SAVE’ to continue, then click ‘NEXT’ to progress to the next screen.




The following screen allows you to review your invitation. You are able to see what organizations / operations are going to be connected by hovering over the double-headed arrow.  You can 'Add More Connections' by clicking the button on the left or proceed by clicking the ‘NEXT’ link.




The last pop up allows you to customize the invitation message. You are offered the option of adding a custom message that will appear in the invitee’s email notification by clicking ‘ADVANCED MESSAGE.’  When finished please click the ‘Send Now’ button.




Finally, a confirmation screen will appear, acknowledging that your invitation was successfully sent. You may now view the status of your invitations in the invitation status queue.  Your customer will receive an invitation to connect via email, and on the platform if they already have an account.

ALTERNATE PATH:  You may also connect with customers using the Bulk Invite or the Import Contacts functionality.  Selecting Bulk Invite opens a new screen where you will be asked to contact greenfence Support for assistance.




ALTERNATE PATH:  Selecting Import Contacts functionality opens a new screen.  There will be the option to sync your Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook address books.  You may also add individual email addresses in the search bar below. Once added, your contacts may be searchable and invited as connections at a later time.  Note:  all email addresses must be separated by a comma and a space.




You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 100% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Step 6 has been completed.  You may either repeat this step to add additional suppliers or you may progress to the final Step 7 - Explore.


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