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Step 1: Connect your organization

 You are required to complete the seven-step organization onboarding prior to accessing the greenfence platform.  Several steps are mandatory while others may be skipped and completed at a later time. You will progress through the onboarding tasks sequentially and you may return to steps already completed.  Your progress will be displayed as each step is successfully completed both near your avatar and along the seven-step task listing.

To begin setting up your organization, click the ‘GET STARTED’ button in the Connect to your organization box.




Connect your organization to greenfence

Enter the name of your organization in the Enter your full organization name below’ field. The platform will search to identify any organizational match upon entering three alphanumeric characters.  If you are the first user from your organization onto the greenfence platform you will not see your organization’s name appear.  Click the ‘CREATE NEW ORGANIZATION’ to continue.




ALTERNATE PATH:  If you are your organization's second or subsequent user onto the platform you will see your organization’s name appear. Click on the correct organizational name to continue. This will issue a request to the organization's admin to join their organization. Once accepted you will continue onboarding as an employee, click here to continue the flow.




The next page allows you to customize your organization.  This includes adding a logo and a description of your organization. This description can range from talking about your values to discussing the physical work that your organization performs.  It is recommended that you mention the products that you sell in the description.

Add any Organizational Identifiers to your profile to allow for further integration into the supply chain.   You may select from one of the pre-populated options: DUNS, Bluenumber, GLN, or What 3 Words, or you may add a custom identifier.  A greenfence platform identifier will be issued if one is not provided. Click ‘NEXT’ to continue.




The Organization Type is important as it determines how other users will find you on the platform. Scroll through the dropdown or enter the Organization Type in the search box.  Click the checkbox of the option that best describes your organization.  You may select more than one Organization Type. You may deselect your Organization Type by either clicking on the checkbox or clicking on the red ‘x’ in the You Selected section.  Click ‘NEXT’ to continue.




Add your Organization's Address as requested.  These are mandatory entries.  Click ‘NEXT’ to continue.




The final page is an optional step where you may add your Organization's Website.  Click ‘FINISH’ to complete your Connect your organization setup.




You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 30% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Step 1 has been completed. Step 2 - Structure your organization is now available to be accessed.


Next: Structure your Organization


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