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Step 5: Request roles

In this step you have the ability identify the Roles or permissions you would like to have and to request those Roles of your Organizational Administrator.  

NOTE:  This is an optional step that may be skipped now and accessed at a later point.



Click the ‘REQUEST’ button in the Request roles box to begin. 


Requesting Specific Roles

At this step you can enter a specific Role, check the ‘Select All’ box for all Roles, or choose one or more of the individual Roles listed on the platform by clicking the specific box for that Role.  You may also search for a specific Role by typing the name of the Role into the text box.  Each Role on the platform is assigned specific Permissions.



 Click the ‘NEXT’ button when you are finished selecting the roles that you want to request.




Select the radio button for the Organizational Administrator within your company that appears in the Administrators box, and then click the ‘SEND REQUEST’ button.




The following message will appear informing you that your request has been successfully sent to your Organizational Administrator for review.   



You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 100% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Step 5 has been completed. You may either view your existing role requests by clicking the 'My Requests' link or you may progress to Step 6 - Explore.




Viewing Requested Roles

ALTERNATE PATH:  Selecting My Requests opens a new screen displaying your requested Roles.  




You will have several options to choose.  You may view your requested Roles in the Requested Roles and Permissions area, delete a previously requested Role by clicking the red ‘X’ in the row for the Role that you want to rescind, or you may request a new Role by clicking the 'ADD NEW REQUEST button.  Click the 'CANCEL' button to make no additional changes and to return to the SETUP screen.




Adding a new role request

After clicking the ’ADD NEW REQUEST’ button you will be able to select any or all of the Roles that were not initially selected.  Follow the steps found in the  'Requesting Specific Roles' section above to complete this process.   

You will be able to access the functionality assigned to your new Roles once your Organizational Administrator has approved your request.

You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  You may either view or continue to edit your existing role requests by clicking the 'My Requests' link or you may progress to Step 6 - Explore.


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