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Step 3: Upload qualifications

In this step you may upload your personal qualifications onto the platform.  Click 'UPLOAD' under Upload qualifications to proceed.

NOTE:  This is an optional step that may be skipped now and accessed at a later point.







Enter the title or name of your qualification in the ‘Provide a title or name for your qualification’ field.

Select 'Browse Files' and an open dialogue box will appear.  Here you may select your file and then click the Open button to complete the upload.




Click anywhere in the ‘If your qualification has an expiration date, enter it here’ field and click the drop-down arrows to select your Qualification expiration date.  Click anywhere away from this field to save your date selection.  If your Qualification does not have an expiration date please leave this field blank. 


Set the toggle to 'Yes' if you would like your Qualification to be listed publicly on the greenfence platform so that you appear in system searches.  Toggle to 'No' if you would like your Qualification to become private on the platform.  You may change this setting in the future. 



Click the drop-down arrow in the field labeled ‘If your qualification is for specific schemes, subjects, topics or similar detail them here’ to select a scheme, subject, topic, or detail that aligns with your Qualification.   This field may be left blank and may be revisited at a later date to provide additional detail. 



You may add additional detailed information about your qualification in the field labeled ‘If your qualification is for specific scope(s), focus area or similar, detail them here.’  This field may be left blank and may be revisited at a later date to provide additional detail.



You may have your qualification authenticated as genuine using one of three methods.  By clicking the toggle button for the field labeled ‘Do you want this qualification to be authenticated as genuine?’ to ‘Yes’ a new field is activated presenting three authentication options.  Click the radio button to indicate whether you would like to use an Internal, External, or Platform Master Authenticator.  

Begin typing the name of the auditor or click on the text box to display the available auditors in the dropdown.  The platform will display any matches upon entering three alphanumeric characters.  You will only be able to select the Platform Master Authenticator if you select the Platform Master Authenticator radio button. 



To complete this section, click the ‘UPLOAD’ button.



You will then be directed to the Summary of added qualifications screen to either edit your uploaded qualification by clicking on the 'Gear' icon, delete your uploaded qualification by clicking the red 'X' icon, or to upload another qualification.  Click  'FINISH' button to continue.



You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 68% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Task 3 has been completed.  Task 4 - Invite others to connect is now available to be accessed.


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