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Step 1: Complete your profile

You are required to complete the six-step employee onboarding prior to accessing the greenfence platform.  Several steps are mandatory while others may be skipped and completed at a later time. You will progress through the onboarding tasks sequentially and you may return to steps already completed.  Your progress will be displayed as each step is successfully completed both near your avatar and along the six-step task listing.

Once you log into the system using your email address and the password you created at the Welcome to greenfence window, you will be shown the SETUP screen.

To begin setting up your personal profile, click the ‘GET STARTED’ button in the Complete profile box.




To begin your setup, click the ‘GET STARTED’ button in the Complete profile box.




The My Personal Profile window will appear.


My Personal Profile

About Me Section

You can upload a picture that shows yourself, your company or any image you choose.  To upload a picture, click on the circular area of the About Me button.  An open dialogue box will appear where you can select your file and then click the Open button.  You can upload files in JPG, BMP, PNG, or GIF formats.





Once your picture loads, a window will appear where you can size your image using the back and forth arrows.  When you have your desired size, click the ‘SAVE’ Button.




Your First Name, Last Name, and Email fields will be pre-populated, and you can modify them if you like.




To choose a value for Your Profession you can either click in the field and a drop-down menu will appear or you can begin typing and all matches will appear.  Once you select your choice, you will need to click away from the field to view this value. You can select multiple values, and if you would like to remove a selection, click on the red X on the right side of the field.




You can enter your mobile phone number in the Mobile Number field, and you can enter another number in the Other Number field.  




You can change your password by clicking the ‘+’ on the right side of the Change password field.  If you want to change your password you will need to follow the naming convention that will be listed on the window.




You can enter a description to list your experience, skills or education in the Describe Yourself field.




Location Section

Enter your street address in the ‘Street Address’ field.  Click the drop-down arrow for ‘Your Country’ and select your country of operation.  Click the drop-down arrow for State/Province and select your state or province. Enter your city or town in the ‘City/Town’ field. Enter your postal code information in the Zip/Postal Code field.



 Click the drop-down arrow in the Time Zone field to select the time zone for your area.



You can enter your position of responsibility in the Job Title field, and you have the option to select your platform in the Change your platform environment where you can elect ‘greenfence’ or ‘AuditOne’.



You can add your website and LinkedIn profile by either cutting and pasting or by typing them into the ‘Add links to further enhance your profile’ fields.  Finally, to save your profile click the ‘SAVE’ button.



You will now be returned to the SETUP screen.  Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 34% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Task 1 has been completed.  Task 2 - Upload personal identification is now available to be accessed.


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