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Joining the Greenfence platform


Welcome to Greenfence!  The first step in joining the Greenfence platform is accepting the email invitation sent by an existing user on the platform.  Please check your spam folder if you did not receive your invitation email as expected.  The email will be sent from  

Open this email and click the ‘ACCEPT INVITATION TO CONNECT’ button or copy and paste the link below into your browser and follow your browser’s protocol to access a webpage.




Welcome to Greenfence Window

At the Welcome to Greenfence window, enter data for the mandatory fields, which are identified by a red asterisk.  This type of identification for mandatory fields is carried throughout the program.

Enter your first name in the field labeled ‘Enter your first name’ and enter your last name in the field labeled ‘Enter your last name’.  

Click the drop-down arrow for ‘Your Country’ and choose your country of operation.  

Note:  the field labeled ‘Your email or phone’ has a red asterisk, but it will be grayed out and will not allow entry.




Enter your Greenfence system password in the field labeled ‘Create a new password for Greenfence’ and repeat this password entry in the field labeled ‘Re-enter your new password for Greenfence’.




Next click the check box for ‘By signing up, you agree to Greenfence’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy’.  Then click the ‘NEXT’ button.




Create Organization Type Window

Determine whether you want to create a Materials & Products or a Services organization when the window titled Create Organization Type appears and then click the appropriate ‘Select’ button.  For our example we will click ‘Select’ for Materials & Products.  We will provide insight into the differences between a Materials & Products and Services organization during future onboarding guides; however, the onboarding activities are fundamentally similar for both organization types.   




Note:  When the Create Organization Type window appears, the chat window also appears in the lower right corner of the screen.




At this time you can click anywhere in the white box to initiate a help session or click the ‘Clear’ button to make the chat window disappear.  




Since we chose Materials & Products, the Materials & Products confirmation window will appear.  You may click the ‘Back’ button to return to the previous window if you believe that you may have selected the incorrect organization type or click the ‘CONFIRM’ button to continue with Materials &  Products.  If ‘CONFIRM’ is chosen, the Setup window appears.




Congratulations, you have successfully created your profile and have confirmed your organization type.  You will now be directed to the seven-step organizational onboarding process.

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