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Multiple Brand Owners Assigning the AuditOne Requirement to the Same Supplier

This article describes the process when multiple brand owners assign the requirement for an AuditOne Certificate to the same supplier.


A first brand owner assigns the AuditOne Certificate requirement, the supplier responds as per
normal to the requirement in alignment with the due dates stipulated by the first brand owner.

It can happen that a second brand owner assigns – without knowledge about other brand
owners having assigned the requirement already- the AuditOne Certificate requirement with
their own set of due dates to this supplier.

The supplier receives an invitation that another brand owner has assigned the same AuditOne Certificate requirement that was assigned to them already by another brand owner.



If the Suppliers Accepts the Request

The supplier confirms that the second brand owner can have access to the requirement response they started to complete for the first brand owner and the second brand owner appears as an assigning customer in the supplier’s view of the requirement.




The second brand owner receives a notification that the supplier has granted access. The second brand owner now has access to the requirement workflow of the supplier via his own “Status of assigned requirements” dashboard.

  • due dates for the requirement are the dates assigned by the first brand owner.
  • in the requirement dashboard, there is no reference to other brand owners.





The second brand owner can view any uploaded documents and receives the same notifications and emails as the first brand owner.

The process is similar for a third and fourth brand owner etc.

If the Supplier Rejects the Request

If the supplier has a reason not to grant access to the second brand owner, the supplier completes a message box to provide an explanation why they cannot accept the requirement from the brand owner.




The second brand owner receives a notification that the supplier did not accept the requirement as well as a message via the message center with an explanation. The supplier will remain available for the brand owner to assign the requirement again in the future.




Important note

Messages sent via the message field in the requirement response as well as comments in the documents associated to the requirement are shared and thus visible - including the name of the sender - to all users connected to the requirement. If users want to send a private message, they should use the messaging functionality.


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