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Status of Assigned Requirement Dashboard

This article describes the features of the ‘Status of Assigned Requirements’ dashboard where a brand owner can follow progress of suppliers against requirements that were assigned to them. The dashboard can be accessed via the Requirements tab in the menu bar:



The first screen gives an overview of the requirements you assigned and to how many suppliers you assigned each requirement. It also gives a high-level overview of the compliance statuses of these suppliers.



Clicking on a requirement name will take you to the dashboard that provides detailed information about that particular requirement (see the illustration below), including:

  • Name of the requirement and the number of suppliers that were assigned this requirement
  • Bar chart that provides an overview of the number of suppliers that have reached a particular stage in fulfilling the requirement.
  • A filter in the top right corner allows you to show all suppliers, suppliers that are compliant (green), non-compliant (red) or that have reached a warning stage (amber) for the step of the requirement they are currently on. 



If you hover over a particular bar in the graph, it indicates how many suppliers are at that stage and when clicking on the bar the list is only displaying those suppliers.

Each line in the supplier lists gives you information about the status of the requirement for that particular supplier. It shows what step they have reached in the workflow, what certification body or auditor they have contracted to perform their audit, for what date the audit is scheduled and finally the due date you assigned to this supplier to complete the process and upload the certificate. At the right side of each line is a ‘view’ button that provides you access to the requirement response of that supplier.



Here you can follow the progress in detail and you can view the various documents that have been uploaded by the supplier and the certification body or auditor.



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