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Connecting on the platform

Greenfence works like many common platforms, enabling you to build your network by inviting and connecting with others.

Connecting enables you to conduct business with others, including:

You are not able to conduct business until you are connected with another platform user.  Connecting with others is simply done by sending them an invitation to connect. Greenfence allows you to connect to anyone who is an existing user on the platform, and individuals who do not yet have an account.  Greenfence offers four connection types: employees (colleagues within your own company), suppliers, service providers, and customers.  

Inviting an employee from your own organization

When you invite a colleague from your organization to join, the user will automatically become a part of your organization.  You would invite your colleague as an employee.  Upon registering, you will be able to assign your colleague various roles to perform on the platform as well as assign them to a specific operation. A more detailed overview of inviting an employee may be found in the Help Center User Guide - How do I Invite Employees?.

Inviting someone from another organization

When you send an invitation to someone in another organization like a supplier, service provider, or a customer, their organization will, upon acceptance of the invitation and completing their profile, join your network and be connected to you.  As this invitee will now be visible in your supply network, your organization will also appear in your invitee's supply network.  You will have the option of connecting the organization to either your organization, or to your organization and one or more of your operations.  Connecting to your operations is a feature that may be performed as you send your initial invitation to connect or at a later date.  A more detailed overview of connecting with a service provider or customer may be found in the Help Center User Guide - How do I Invite Suppliers to my Network?




Organizational Hierarchy 

It is important to choose carefully how you invite a person in another organization.  You may either invite them as customer or as supplier or service provider. This choice determines how the other organization will appear in your supply network, which in turn determines for instance if you can or cannot assign a requirement.  As shown in the diagram below, you are only able to assign a requirement to an entity below you in your supply chain.   You will not be able to assign a requirement to an entity above you.  For example, if you incorrectly invite a supplier or service provider as a customer, you will not be able to assign them a requirement as they would be above you in the supply chain as defined by the platform.




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