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Step 2: Structure your organization

The greenfence platform is centered around structuring the various parts of your organization as operations.  These operations can be anything from packaging facilities to working farms. Click ‘ADD OPERATION’ under Structure your organization to proceed.  

NOTE:  This is an optional step that may be skipped now and accessed at a later point.  




This process is very similar to adding your organization.  The first screen allows you to include a name, picture, and description of your operation.  There is also the option to provide an identifier for your operation. A greenfence platform operations identifier will be automatically generated if none is provided. Click ‘NEXT’ to continue.




The following screen includes the Operation Type which will help other users find your operation on the platform.  The option to feature the operation on your profile will make it even easier for other users to find it and hiding your operation from public view prevents other users from seeing your operation.  Click ‘NEXT’ to continue.




The final step is to input the operation's address. After this is done, the operation will be added to your organization.  Click ‘FINISH’ to continue.




You will now be returned to the SETUP screen. Please observe that the progress indicator has increased to 45% complete and a checkmark now indicates that Step 2 has been completed.  You may either repeat this step to add an additional operation or you may progress to Step 3 - Add products to your organization.

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