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AuditOne Payment Process Overview

All payments over the platform will be made to Greenfence LLC, technology platform for AuditOne. Audit costs can be paid as early as the time the quote is accepted and the contract is uploaded. Payment is required at the time the audit plan is uploaded by the selected Auditor (4-6 weeks before the audit).  The payment is held in escrow, and released to the Auditor at the time the audit is completed and the audit report and certificate are uploaded to the platform.

If your company is on a PO system or requires Greenfence be set up as a vendor in your AP system, we have included the attached information file for set up.  If you require any additional information please let us know.

The platform accepts several forms of payment including credit card and ACH/Bank transfer which can be selected at the time of payment.  

Please contact with any questions.


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